The Moroccan Hammam

110 min | 200 PLN

From now on you do not have to go to Morocco to enjoy a real Moroccan hammam.  Oaza Spa has created a place where you can feel a substitute of a real Hammam ritual.

Hammam is a ritual consisting of 4 stages. The first of them is a few minutes session in a steam sauna.  Steam and heat will help to open pores, soften epidermis and remove surface impurities. After leaving the sauna, a foam created from black olive soap is applied on the heated body. Then our skin will be subjected to a vigorous massage using a rough Kessa glove, this is a peeling that will allow for a very thorough exfoliation of dead skin. The next stage of the Moroccan hammam is cleansing with Rhassoul clay. We apply it on the cleaned and dried skin and after 15 minutes gently wash it away. Thanks to the minerals contained in the clay such as zinc, selenium, magnesium, iron, the skin becomes nourished. The elasticity and firmness of the skin also improves. 

The final stage is to massage nourishing oils into the body. The most popular oil is argan oil called the elixir of youth.  It improves hydration, smoothness and elasticity of the skin, reduces and smooths stretch marks. Hammam is a unique atmosphere of Morocco, detox for the skin and relaxation for the body and soul.

The Turkish Hammam

90 min | 250 PLN

Turkish Hammam is a ritual very similar to the Moroccan Hammam. The difference is that in the Turkish Hammam is omitted stage of applying Rhassoul clay on the body.
The first stage of Turkish Hammam is a stay in a steam bath. 
Just a few minutes of such a session will make our skin softer and more moisturized.  This stage prepares our skin for a thorough cleansing and exfoliation of the epidermis. During the treatment, Savon Noir soap is used – it is a 100% vegetable soap made using traditional methods from black olives and olive oil. We combine the soap with water, thanks to which a delicate foam is created, which is spread all over the body. Then masseuse puts a special glove Kessa, which will allow for precise execution of peeling, our skin will become smooth and velvety to the touch.

Turkish Hammam closes the ritual of moisturizing. On the body we spread nourishing oil and perform a gentle massage. After the Hammam treatment our skin will become more nurtured, moisturized, regenerated and rejuvenated.