Thai foot massage - reflexology

Thai foot massage - reflexology

30 minutes | 89 PLN

60 minutes | 139 PLN

This therapy has a beneficial effect on the entire body. It is based on the skillful pressing of specific places on the feet called reflexes. By pressing the given points, we improve the general well-being and affect the functioning of the entire body. There are 7,200 nerve endings in the human foot that are connected to the brain and therefore to other parts of the body. Pressing the right points on the foot unblocks the energy paths, improving the flow of CHI energy to the organs corresponding to the reflexes. So there is no need to prove the healing properties of Thai foot massage.
Reflexology is said to be as old as the world. Man has been using foot massage for a long time, but he did it instinctively. According to specialists, reflexology has its origins around 5000 BC. in China. It referred to the assumptions of traditional Chinese medicine, according to which the human body consists of energy channels, called meridians, through which life energy flows. All disturbances are related to the flow of energy and manifest themselves in the form of various diseases and ailments.


During the foot massage, the masseur finds energy blockages in the patient’s body that cause improper energy flow. Then it compresses the receptors and stimulates the meridians that help to regain psychophysical balance. By stimulating the receptors, the body can adjust and heal itself, while the massage leads to deep relaxation. Any person can benefit from foot reflexology. It is especially recommended for people:

for ladies who wear high heels and high heels, who are exposed to frequent clasps of calves and feet,

suffering from the syndrome of “heavy feet”,

suffering from depression,

experiencing permanent stress,

for ladies who wear high heels and high heels, who are exposed to frequent clasps of calves and feet,

complaining of migraines.


overcoming the feeling of “heavy legs”,

elimination of muscle tension in the legs and feet,

helps to remove lymph and water stagnation in the body. The blood circulates faster and oxygenates all organs and tissues. Thanks to the faster removal of toxins, sore feet become relaxed and less swollen,

helps to reduce various types of pain,

improves the functioning of internal organs (by compressing nerve endings).