Hot stones massage

Hot stones massage

45 minutes | 149 PLN

60 minutes | 189 PLN

90 minutes | 239 PLN

120 minutes | 299 PLN

Hot stone massage comes from the Far East. In antiquity, doctors developed a map of energy points. According to them, energy flows through the human body through points called chakras. These chakras are responsible for the production of certain types of hormones. If our energy centers function properly, the body is in harmony between the spiritual and physical zones. Hot stone massage helps to maintain proper harmony in our lives.



The first stage of the massage is to spread the warm oil all over the body and then massage it. The masseuse heats basalt stones to the right temperature in a special heater. Then he places them in the right places on the body of the massaged person and moves them, unlocking individual chakras.


Hot stone massage is recommended for people who are tired, stressed, suffer from insomnia and people who have problems with:

back pain,

sore muscles

problems with the lymphatic and circulatory systems,


slow metabolism.



– neoplastic changes

– pregnancy

– diabetes

– inflammatory, infectious or allergic skin conditions

– low-grade fever, fever

– severe heart defects

– hypertension, especially unregulated

– cuts of the skin, wounds

– overactive thyroid gland