Thai massage with hot coconut oil

Thai massage with hot coconut oil

45 minutes | 139 PLN

60 minutes | 179 PLN

90 minutes | 229 PLN

120 minutes | 289 PLN

An exceptionally aromatic massage that surprises with the delivered impressions. Thai massage with hot coconut oil is relaxing, revitalizing and moisturizing the skin. The massage is a combination of the acupressure technique and the features of Ayurvedic massage. Additionally, coconut oil moisturizes and firms the skin. The amazing properties of coconut oil have a beneficial effect on our skin. It helps in healing wounds, inhibits the appearance of spots on the skin, soothes skin diseases, moisturizes and smoothes the skin. What’s more, coconut oil also contains natural antioxidants that help slow down the aging process of the skin, while making the skin supple and elastic.


Hot massage coconut oil includes a full body massage. The procedure is performed in position lying down. The technique consists of long, stroking strokes that help to unload negative effects of stressful situations and soothe the nerves. Soft music supports relaxing and calming effect. At the beginning of the massage, the person being massaged is put on the stomach and the therapist massages it in with gentle, slow movements coconut oil in the body so that as much nutrients as possible penetrate into the body deep into the skin. First, the massage begins with the legs and moves on to the next ones body parts. The next step in Thai massage is changing your position. Person massage is placed on the back, the therapist massages the chest, hands and forearms. The whole session ends with a face and head massage.

dwho is Thai massage with hot coconut oil for?

Massage with hot coconut oil is recommended primarily to people:


leading an active lifestyle

stressed out



with reduced immunity

with dry and sensitive skin

wanting to nurture and rejuvenate the skin



benefits of massage with hot coconut oil.

Coconut oil has many positive properties. For hundreds of years, it has been considered one of the most valuable vegetable fats, containing vitamins C, E and B group, fatty acids and minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium. Combined with massage, they have a beneficial effect on our body.

Hot coconut oil massage effects:


relaxes and loosens tense muscles

regenerates, reduces pain

has an antidepressant effect, reduces stress

nourishes the skin, deeply moisturizes, firms, increases collagen content, smoothes and softens the skin

reduces discoloration, reduces wrinkles

cleanses the body of toxins

improves immunity

improves blood circulation

stimulates the metabolism

regulates blood pressure

removes excess water from the body



contraindications for massage with hot coconut oil.

Massage with hot coconut oil is not recommended in certain situations, such as:



higher temperature

infectious diseases

heart diseases

skin lesions (diffuse and purulent)



early period after injuries (bruises, sprains, fractures).