Steam & Sauna Bath

Steam Bath

We have a place equipped with a furnace with a high efficiency evaporator, allowing the maintenance of air humidity within 100 percent. The temperature in the steam room is much lower than in a traditional sauna, usually oscillating between 35-55 degrees Celsius. Lower temperatures make the cleansing baths in a steam bath are less burdensome for the body, so the time of a single session can be significantly longer than 15 minutes. As in the case of treatments in a steam sauna, bath treatments also promote skin purification, but due to the higher humidity of the air, they are more effective in this regard. Steam room baths make the skin smoother and more supple.

Beneficial effects


A sauna is a specially prepared room, in which there is a high temperature – up to 100°C and low or high humidity (depending on the type of sauna). This increases the production of red and white blood cells, speeds up the metabolism and relaxes tense muscles. 

Beneficial effects